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To seamlessly fuse together traditional recruitment methods with a twist of digital marketing genius & a sprinkle of social media magic to help companies and candidates reach for the stars!

The world is changing and the recruitment industry refused to change with it. Searchability was born…

Gone are the days when access to a telephone and online job boards are sufficient to deliver the best candidates and the best results.

We were becoming frustrated with the fact that every new CV on a job board was sparking a cat-fight between agencies, resulting in salary expectations spiralling out of control and counter-offers presenting a constant problem.

By sourcing candidates via alternative and innovative methods we’re able to manage the situation to your satisfaction, ensuring you have a clear run to recruit the candidate of your choice to strengthen your organisation.

Companies succeed with star talent!

Why choose us?

Dynamic Desk

We have an unparalleled toolkit providing great visibility across the job boards, extensive CRM, a fierce and engaging Social Media and broad networks throughout the IT industry


(Yes, we made that word up!): We operate outside of traditional parameters, providing round the clock client solutions ensuring we are the first to find the top technical talent

Local Experts

Our geo-specific recruitment experts have an active social media presence focusing on digital hubs and hotspots, connecting and engaging daily with the top digital talent


We target the passive market through innovative social recruiting, helping show you the best candidates that traditional recruiters don’t have access to and in turn can save clients money by managing candidates salary expectations in a very competitive market


Smileability – or ability to smile! Searching & conducting business with a smile – all of our recruiters are professional and friendly, taking the pain out of your recruitment problems. Trust us, you will love working with us!


Our sister brand JobHoller gives you an affordable digital solution to boost your employer branding and market your vacancies through Social Media so that you can hire directly!

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Team Ace

Martin Blythe


Wirral born, Digital enthusiast, ex-superstar DJ (almost), Caravan owner, father of 3 beautiful girls, Tranmere fan, Loves Recruitment….genuinely.

Dan Butler

Digital Recruiter

When I’m not recruiting I enjoy sailing and spending time with the family – two young children don’t leave much spare time! I studied aviation at University and hold a private pilots licence with over 50 hours of flying under my belt to date!

Patrick Doyle

Digital Recruiter

Describe myself in 3 words… Tall, dark and handsome of course! My motto is “work hard, play hard”, so as well as sourcing digital talent across the North West I love partying and socialising!

Chris Hopley

Digital Recruiter

Typical guy really I love football (Newcastle FC to be precise), technology and socialising! Have been known to sport a beard now and again, and I always wear a suit to work!

Gabbi Trotter

Digital Recruiter

Outside of work I enjoy spending my time with my friends, family and dog! My guilty pleasure is any reality TV show, Kardashians, TOWIE, Made in Chelsea…you get the picture!

Anthony Birley

Digital Recruiter

I specialise in placing BI professionals across the UK. In my spare time you’ll find me with my fiancée and daughter… or playing golf and watching pretty much any sport on TV!

James Roberts

Digital Recruiter

I’m Welsh – and proud of it! I’m a huge Arsenal FC fan so my main hobby is watching and playing football!

Sophie Heaton

Digital Campaign Manager

Part of the JobHoller team, I look after the Social Media & Employer Brand strategy for the company. As well as being Social Media mad (obvs) I also love fashion, food and Gin & Tonics!

Katie Donoghue

Digital Recruiter

After traveling around Australia and South East Asia I now recruit for digital marketing & eCommerce! When I’m not in work I’m probably walking my dog or going to see my favourite DJ’s!

Steve Williams

Digital Recruiter

I spend most of my time watching sport, particularly Liverpool FC! Before I was a Software Development Recruiter I was once offered paid work as a Jensen Button lookalike!

Olly Preston

Digital Recruiter

My main hobbies when I’m not placing IT Contractors are sports and socialising. I love Man UTD and have been to three European Cup Finals.

Mike Cullen

Digital Recruiter

I’ve worked in most uniforms so I thought I’d try a suit! I’d describe myself as an avid traveller and brogue collector, who dabbles in rum tasting on occasion!

Luke Hopkins

Digital Recruiter

When I’m not recruiting developers across the Midlands, I’m usually watching a sport on the TV with a drink in hand! I’m a massive Leeds Rhinos & Man United fan, with a love for Boxing also!

James Lovick

Digital Recruiter

I’m the tallest member of Searchability, a vertically challenged 6 foot 7! Outside of work I’m a massive film and TV geek, and I love to spend quality time with friends and family.

George Widdowson

Digital Recruiter

I’d describe myself as hard-working, ambitious and sporty – when I’m not placing IT contractors you’ll probably find me playing lacrosse!

Jonathan Clarke

Digital Recruiter

I’ve been acting since I was 4, you might recognise me from my time as Bart McQueen in Hollyoaks! As well as acting I also enjoy playing football in my spare time.

Hannah Warrenger

Digital Recruiter

You’ll probably find me at the gym or pining over cute dogs I see when going for walks! I also enjoy cooking in my spare time!

Will Roebuck

Digital Recruiter

When I’m not placing IT Contractors I’ll probably be watching Football (I’m a Nottingham Forest Fan), climbing mountains, or watching lots of Netflix!

James Gambino

Digital Recruiter

I’d describe myself as very energetic! When I’m not at Searchability I’m probably playing football, golf or going air rifle shooting!

Nicole Caulfield

Digital Recruiter

When I’m not in work I like to socialise with friends, go to the gym and be outdoors! I also model part-time and have travelled the world as a grid girl with the F1!

Rebecca Owen

Digital Recruiter

I’m a real foodie so when I’m not recruiting I’m probably spending far too much money in nice restaurants, drinking cocktails and on weekends away!

Tom Stevens

Digital Recruiter

As well as recruiting for IT Developers I enjoy playing rugby and watching Football with friends. I was also once ranked as one of the best Table Tennis players in England!

Liam Harvey

Digital Recruiter

When I’m not recruiting Digital Marketing and eCommerce Specialists, you can find me playing Rugby, watching Harry Potter and keeping up to date on the latest Music and Fashion trends.

Stephen Bayliss

Digital Recruiter

Working in the Searchability Dev team, in my spare time I like to play Football and rugby, spend time with the family, and add to my tattoo collection!

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