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Searchability insights:  December 2018


of Digital Marketers surveyed feel they do not have the right technology to do their job effectively.


of B2B marketing candidates spoken to have stated LinkedIn is their #1 channel they use to distribute content.


of candidates spoken to will be working over the Christmas holiday.

Our team of Digital Marketing specialist recruiters are able to find talent for even the most niche job roles because we source our candidates differently to your traditional recruiters.

We approached Searchability after finding out they also assist companies in finding Digital Marketing talent as well as purely technical professionals. We knew after dealing with a few recruitment agencies, the PPC specialist position would be a difficult role to fill due to the location of our company. After asking key questions about the role, our company values and culture, all candidates shortlisted were suitable not just technically but a good team fit too. Searchability have been extremely transparent and consultative throughout the process and continued to search for the perfect candidate when others had given up. I would highly recommend working with Searchability for any digital marketing positions from the experience I’ve had. We are happy to have found the ideal person for role!

Fleximize Carolynn Blaxcell, Head of Marketing

A career move can be one of the most important decisions for anyone, so our friendly consultants will help guide you through the process, helping you find an agency or in-house position that suits you.

It is so very important to meeting the right recruitment agency when you are about to change your career, someone who cares about your needs as a candidate, who is able to answer almost all of the asked by yourself questions, who is also be able to help you to tweak your résumé to better fit the job specs, prepare and coach you on how to successfully interview using the insider knowledge of the company and the decision-makers.

Searchability fits all these criteria! I have been so very lucky to meeting them on my way! I dealt with Katie who is a fantastic recruitment consultant: a great listener and communicator, super encouraging and motivational, extremely professional and knowledgeable. I had a huge pleasure working with Katie! I would highly recommend Searchability to anyone: whether it's a recruitment agency or clients - you are in reliable hands!

Group GTI Svetlana Wilson, Marketing and SEO executive

Whether you have an internal recruiting team or not, we know that our clients don’t want to spend hours of their time filling vacancies – we make the process as stress free as possible!

Working with Searchability was a complete breeze. They fully understood our brief and put forward some great candidates. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to build a digital marketing team. I look forward to using them again!

Gorilla Accounting Mark Clarke, Head Of Marketing

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