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​Searchability is a multi-award winning recruitment agency who have successfully combined proven recruitment solutions with employer branding, inbound recruitment marketing and bespoke engagement technology to create a very unique full-service recruitment agency.

​Employer Branding

​A strong employer brand will dramatically change your ability to attract, engage and retain the best talent for your organisation.

​Innovative Recruitment

Connecting, engaging and placing the right people by seamlessly combining traditional recruitment methods with innovative digital marketing genius.

​Recruitment Marketing

​A targeted inbound recruitment marketing campaign can transform your ability to attract candidates for your live vacancies.

Why Searchability?


Dynamic Desk

We have an unparalleled toolkit providing great visibility across the job boards, extensive CRM, a fierce and engaging Social Media and broad networks throughout the IT industry

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(Yes, we made that word up!): We operate outside of traditional parameters, providing round the clock client solutions ensuring we are the first to find the top technical talent

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​Local Experts

​Our geo-specific recruitment experts have an active social media presence focusing on digital hubs and hotspots, connecting and engaging daily with the top digital talent



​We target the passive market through innovative social recruiting, helping show you the best candidates that traditional recruiters don’t have access to and in turn can save clients money by managing candidates salary expectations in a very competitive market

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​Smileability – or ability to smile! Searching & conducting business with a smile – all of our recruiters are professional and friendly, taking the pain out of your recruitment problems. Trust us, you will love working with us!



​Our sister brand JobHoller gives you an affordable digital solution to boost your employer branding and market your vacancies through Social Media so that you can hire directly!

Rated Excellent by placed candidates

​Trusted by our clients

Gorilla Accounting Head of Marketing
Techdept General Manager
enquiryMAX Development Manager
IDS Head of UX
MMT Digital Technical Internal Recruiter
Extrinsica Global COO
White Oak Head of Data
TransUnion Product Development Manager
Keybridge IT Solutions MD

Working with Searchability was a complete breeze. They fully understood our brief and put forward some great candidates. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to build a digital marketing team. I look forward to using them again!

When Searchability are involved in recruiting for Techdept we know that the impact will be a positive one! Their consultants have a knack of being able to root out people who fit into our team as though they have always been here. Combined with the strong technical backgrounds that candidates from Searchability have, we have found every placement to be a great success.

Searchability’s approach to finding candidates through social media channels rather than just focusing on the job boards has meant that we see very different people to those applying through our own adverts and the usual CVs speculatively sent in from their competition. The process has always been completely transparent and the feedback from the candidates interviewed has always been extremely positive, I see Searchability as the perfect recruitment partner to represent us as we continue to grow.

Searchability embraced digital long before their competitors and are reaping the rewards in terms of their candidate & client reach, which makes them my first and only choice when either looking for a new role or candidate. They will restore your faith in recruitment and show you that there can be a different, more pleasurable and rewarding way to recruit.

Searchability out-perform the other agency on our PSL and in short they get the job done, they are able to ramp up recruitment activity at the drop of a hat (being a digital agency this can happen a lot). There is a lot of dedication here, all of this without a reduction of candidate quality.

Extrinsica Global have a requirement for candidates at the top of their game, often with skillsets that are extremely hard to come by. Working with Searchability, we have a recruiter that intimately understands our business, our requirements and those candidates that fit.

Searchability spent time understanding what we were trying to do as a business and why we needed to recruit. As a result we managed to recruit the ideal candidate for the role and already the new employee is making great progress. Searchability were a pleasure to deal with and keen to help. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again.

I have a high level of confidence in Searchability, and know that they only send candidates with the relevant skills and mindset for the job. Searchability have now fulfilled a very high percentage of our recent vacancies, and they will continue to be my first contact for our future vacancies.

Working with Searchability, I know my roles are in the right hands as they go over and above to ensure we get the right candidate, technically and a personality that fits our team. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Searchability.

​“Successful recruitment involves strategy, innovation, creativity and a solid brand awareness programme. Searchability clearly highlighted all of this, defining a plan not only to engage, hire and retain top digital talent but, through JobHoller, increase the brand awareness of its customers too”



Our bespoke platform is designed to help you manage your direct recruitment, candidate experience and employer branding initiatives.

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