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We are transforming the way brands recruit tech talent in the UK, Europe, USA & Australia.

About Searchability

Headquartered in the historic City of Chester with a European office in Amsterdam, US office in Austin TX and Australia office in Sydney, our team of 100+ people are all individually contributing to Searchability's success, and helping transform tech teams across the globe through innovative recruitment and employer branding work.
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Our Core value

Forget corporate jargon and buzzwords painted on the office walls, we have ONE core value that every Searchability employee lives by, and it exists in everything we do...

  • = Be Sound!

    Discover what this means...

    To be sound is a state of existence. It usually refers to someone who willingly does something positive for somebody else, asked or not, although usually unexpected. Alternatively, “sound” can be used as an adjective to describe a genuine, nice person.

    Synonyms: Cool / Awesome / Good

    “To be part of team Searchability you have to be sound. This value is a really big part of who we are, and whether it’s a conscious thought or just an engrained moral compass that guides our behaviours, it is helping us become not only a fantastic company to work for but also a company that is delivering a five star service for our clients and candidates too.” – Martin Blythe, Founder

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Feel Sound Time

Sometimes you need an extra hour in bed and sometimes you just fancy an early dart to the pub on a Friday! Our Feel Sound Time gives you an additional 16-24 hours paid holiday off per year* (on top of your standard paid holiday allowance of 23-25 days per annum) to do the things you love.

Work for us

We launched Searchability’s “Feel Sound” time in January 2020, to help provide a better work-life balance and more flexibility to our employees. Not only does this drastically increase your paid holiday entitlement, but Feel Sound time can be booked without notice, in as little as half an hour slots, straight through our HR app on your phone!

“Feel Sound” was introduced as part of our wellness programme alongside our #ThirdThursday events, we wanted to give our people the choice of how they use this time, because wellness looks a little different for all of us.

Our employees have already taken advantage of “Feel Sound” time for things like:

  • Needing a lie in on a Monday morning
  • Getting to an early gym class
  • Taking a long lunch to meet friends
  • Going for a mid-week hair-cut
  • Heading to the pub on a Friday
  • *16-24 hours Feel Sound Time per annum is based upon a full-time employment arrangement, part-time will be allocated pro-rata

Come Work For Our Sub-Brands

Over the years as Searchability has grown in it's success and transformed the way brands recruit their tech and digital talent.

We are always thinking of ways we can support our clients wider recruiting strategies and in doing so we have launched multiple sub-brands and services to give our clients something extra when working with us.

We are always on the lookout for talent to help contribute to and grow these sub-brands and the wider Searchability group.

Wellness at Searchability

“77% of employees believe that employee wellness programs positively impact the company culture of their organisation”
Virgin HealthMiles Inc. and Workforce Management Magazine
We introduced wellness as a way to deliver a little piece of wellness to our employees on occassion. We know that wellness means something different to everyone, which is why every wellness day has a new focus covering a variety of areas including:
    Personal Finance
    Life Coaching
    Yoga and Pilates
    Emotional Intelligence
    Massage days
    Mental health first aid
    Relaxation techniques
    Sleep therapy
    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    More Financial Wellbeing
    Meditation and More

Financial Advice with Chris Hulme

Chris Hulme, Director at The Clayton Hulme Partnership Ltd, pays us a regular visit to impart some hints, tips and ideas around managing money by providing workshops and 1-2-1 sessions with our Searchability employees. This is something we find really useful, especially with today’s economy!


Every now and then we like to treat our employees to some well deserved massages with a professional therapist! We devise a rota of 10 minute long appointments for each employee, where they can de-stress with a hand, neck or back massage. This is of course done in the privacy of one of our meeting rooms, which is strictly do not disturb whilst people are relaxing with their massage!

SiSU Health Machine

We regularly hire the SISU Health Machine for our employees to keep track on all their health levels, including weight, blood pressure, heart age and more! We keep the machine in one of our meeting rooms for around a week, giving our employees the opportunity to check their health whenever it’s convenient for them, in privacy.

Puppy Therapy

Paws in Work set up a virtual session were we could watch puppy dachshunds play and interact with each other. Their motto is to create a better life for people and pups. Being a mental health focussed, wellbeing company, led by puppies. They deliver cleverly crafted mental health training, alongside one-of-a-kind adorable puppy therapy events, to help to prevent the issues surrounding ill mental health.


Wellness activities can come in all forms. One form of exercise that uniquely incorporates HIIT with mindfulness (i.e. body awareness and deep breathing) is boxing, which can lead to notable improvements in stress reduction, weight loss, self-esteem, mood and concentration.

Stress Management with Suzy Couper

We had a Stress Management workshop with Suzy Couper, an Executive Mindset Coach for Sales Professionals. This interactive workshop got the team to learn what it is that’s causing their stress in life, and what ways they can learn to manage this so it doesn’t take over their life! Suzy taught us that stress is part of our everyday life, but our bodies are not meant to be in permanent fight or flight.


We launched our famous #FirstFriday in 2016 to reward our employees for their efforts every month, encourage team building and celebrate successes!

As you may have guessed by the name, these events happen on every first Friday of each month, and events vary from low key office events to fully fledged parties! Over the years we have had some fantastic #FirstFriday events that have really brought us together as a team. Check out a snapshot of some of our favourite #FirstFriday events.
Work for us

Searchabunny’s Pub Hunt

Whilst most people are hunting for eggs during Easter, we decided to do things a bit differently, and have a Searchability style pub hunt. With the office split into 8 randomised groups, each team had to solve Searchabunny’s riddles, which lead them on different pub crawls around Chester! This was great fun for everyone involved and really helped our newest employees get to know people around the office a little better. We finished the day by meeting up in Bar Lounge, with a tab behind the bar to kick off the Easter weekend!

Chinese New Year

This is such a favourite that we bring it back every year at Searchability! We personalise fortune cookies with a variety of challenges, asking our people to draw at random to reveal their unique fortune. This could be anything from “Completing a fitness challenge” to “organising a charity day” or even just “paying for a round of drinks for their team”. And of course, every event ends with a delicious Chinese banquet for the whole office!

Sports Day

Summer time means getting out in the sun! This #FirstFriday was a little different and involved a physical challenge. We split off into different teams and competitively competed in games such as Three-Legged Race and Egg & Spoon. With our winning team bagging a free lunch out at 1539 and a Breakout Room session!

Chester Races

Every year in July we take to our local Chester Racecourse. We all dress up and head down to watch the horses in the glorious sun, even betting some money with some winners and some not so lucky people.

Fancy Dress Day for Charity

We combined this #FirstFriday with raising money for a charity that was close to one of our employees hearts. Everyone made an amazing effort! You can see Jack dressing up as Jack Sparrow, Leah as Princess Leia and even one of our pawfessionals Blue, dressed as Bond!

Can we escape?

We took to our local Breakout Rooms Chester. Splitting off into different groups completing different tasks to work together. With some people having 15 minutes to spare and others not so much…

Burn Baby Burn – Disco Inferno

We love topical themes at Searchability, but at times we need to find a “tenuous link” to make this work! A great example was our November #FirstFriday – we wanted to have a nod to bonfire night but couldn’t exactly start a Firework display in the office! Instead we turned this into our “Burn Baby Burn – Disco Inferno” party! We asked everyone to dress in the style of the 70’s and during the afternoon we served retro food and cocktails before boarding a private disco boat for the evening!

Training & Development

Whether you join us straight from University or as an experienced recruiter, we want to give you the best support to help you realise your potential and succeed in your career. Below is a snapshot of some of the internal and external training we can offer:

Employee Testimonials

  • Erica Davis

    Finance Manager

    Searchability is a wonderful place to work, all the employees are always happy to help, we are all like a big family. Searchability have provided me with the training and resources to grow a team in Finance which has been my goal since beginning my career in Finance.

  • Evan Morgan

    Senior Consultant

    Since joining Searchability I have become more confident and financially stable, the rewards you get from hard work are like no other company I’ve been a part of before. Searchability gives you the platform and support to be a better you!

  • Chloe Jephson

    Senior Employer Branding & Marketing Executive

    Searchability have provided me with opportunities for training & development since my first day. It makes such a difference to work for a company that cares and wants to help their employees grow within their roles.

  • Chris Brett

    Recruitment Consultant

    I arrived at Searchability with no recruitment experience whatsoever but after being inducted into the 12 week campus training course, it gave me all the tools I needed to go on to be successful within the industry.

  • Rosie Williams

    Delivery Manager

    Searchability is an amazing place to work. We celebrate success on an individual and team level with monthly activities and even holidays. It’s hard work and long hours in any recruitment agency but the support, career progression and rewards at Searchability make it worth it.

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