Software Engineering

Software is the cornerstone of our modern world. We have been lucky enough to be involved with many of the flagship projects occurring through the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. Systems need to be Robust and Adaptable, just like the professionals in order to succeed.

Example Roles we have filled...

Case Study

MAM Software

The Story

MAM Software is a leading software provider within the automotive industry and with an unparalleled client base. Specialising in business management solutions since 1984, MAM Software has become a house-hold name in both the UK and US. As a leading provider for multiple trusted and modern solutions, MAM Software is continuing to expand their technical teams in every department.

The Brief

As MAM Software focuses on creating scalable new solutions, they have tasked Searchability with delivering the best technical talent Yorkshire has to offer. With all processes in-house roles include developers, testers, strategy positions, support technicians, digital marketers and more! With the mission of producing reliable yet innovative software solutions MAM Software look for candidates with strong skill sets and a passion for creating innovative software.

The Delivery

Searchability supports MAM Software with IT recruitment on an exclusive basis, creating a strong relationship and clear understanding of the perfect candidates skill set and culture fit. A bespoke campaign from Job Holler to boost employer branding, employee engagement and more has also been created to build inbound traffic directly to MAM Software. The combination of recruitment, social media marketing and employer branding has brought MAM Software’s outstanding reputation forward and the regular placement of tech talent.

Available Jobs

No jobs currently availalble.