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We specialise in recruiting Data Experts who have a proven track record of monetising internal and external data and improving business decision making allowing companies to save money, increase revenue and improve efficiency.

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Case Study

UK Tote Group

The Story

UK TOTE Group is a UK-based, horse racing and sports betting operator. They have a mission to provide innovative and exciting products and services to their customers. In order to achieve this mission, we were approached by the UK Tote Group, to help them recruit for Data Engineers, Data Architects and BI Reporting Leads to help them better understand their customer data.

The Brief

The UK Tote Group was facing several challenges related to their data, including: Siloed data: The data was stored in different systems, and it was difficult to combine and analyse it. Slow decision-making: Without access to the right data, decision-making was slow, and the company was missing out on opportunities, therefore were looking to enhance this.

The Delivery

We worked closely with the UK Tote Group to understand their requirements and identify the key skills and experience they were looking for in their candidates. We then used our network of contacts and our expertise in data recruitment to identify and attract the best candidates for the roles. As a result of this recruitment process, the UK Tote Group was able to:

  • Identify new revenue streams: as Tote could use customer data to identify new opportunities and develop new products that met the needs of its customers.
  • Improve customer retention: By analysing customer data, the UK Tote Group was able to better understand its customers’ needs and preferences, and provide more personalised services.
  • Increase efficiency: The company was able to streamline its operations by combining data from different sources and using it to make more informed decisions.
  • Increased inbound candidate traffic: Through our joint partnership with sister agency JobHoller we helped to reshape their Employer Branding.

By working closely with Searchability, the UK Tote Group was able to successfully recruit, which enabled the company to better understand their customer data, identify new opportunities, and make faster, more informed decisions.

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