DevOps & Cloud

DevOps and Cloud is very much at the forefront of technical roles in this modern world. Enabling the automation of processes and practices between Software Developers and the wider technical team, engineers in this space truly enable the release of software faster, quicker and more securely. As a methodology, DevOps enables the constant testing of projects and the speedy delivery, making these professionals a key part of a modern IT teams make up.

Example Roles we have filled...

Case Study

Infinity works

The Story

Started in 2014, Infinity Works is a Leeds based consultancy that deals with a wide range of sectors including healthcare, retail, pharma, banking and betting and gambling companies. After great success have grown to London, Manchester and Edinburgh and aren’t looking to stop there! With over 250 employee’s infinity works want what’s “best for clients, and best for colleagues”.

The Brief

Searchability have worked closely with the Dev Ops roles at Infinity Works finding someone who can work on-site and alongside different clients to create the perfect solution. Infinity Works needs individuals who work efficiently in a time restricted environment to meet their client’s needs.

The Delivery

With both Infinity Works and Searchability having a quick turnaround, the candidate send-over to placement has happened in a record breaking 3 days. Proving that the quality of candidates is exceptionable from Searchability and have now partnered on numerous other vacancies.

Available Jobs

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