Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing focuses on getting your website in front of the customer whether it’s through ranking the site higher on search engines organically (SEO), making sure a link to the product page is seen at the top of the search engine through an advert (PPC), retargeting people who have looked at your page when they are browsing on their social media pages (Paid Social) and reaching out to customers who have already showed an interest through a quirky and well timed e-shot (Email marketing).

Example Roles we have filled...

Case Study


The Story

Known is a modern marketing company engineered to meet the unprecedented challenges and opportunities facing marketers today. Built on market research and data science capabilities Known has delivered unique solutions to lots of innovation brands in the Fortune 500 such as Netflix but also working alongside the likes of NBE. They believe marketing is rooted in science which is why this collaboration works so perfectly.

The Brief

In a period of hyper-growth Known were at around 210 staff they started working with us near the start of 2021, with an aim to grow to 350+ by the end of the year. With their business revolving around Data Science they needed help in pushing this to help with their wide brand database of clients that were pressing for more solutions.

The Delivery

Searchability and employer brand specialists JobHoller worked closely with Wren Kitchens to build bespoke social media campaigns, recruitment processes and employee engagement efforts. Creating such a positive brand and recruitment method resulted in multiple permanent placements at all levels of seniority.

Available Jobs

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