Preparing for your first day

The first day on the job can sometimes be overwhelming, here are a few key tips to consider to help you along the way…

Prepare for the big day

  1. Refer to your contract / offer details

    The key information will be detailed in here regarding your start times, dress codes, what you need to bring with you and who to meet / contact on your first day on the job. If in doubt, give your recruiter a call to confirm these details for you.

  2. It's better to be overdressed than underdressed

    Your dress code should be communicated prior to your first day, but if you are unsure it’s always wise to make more of an effort than less!

  3. Plan your commute

    You definitely do not want to be late on your first day, so plan your commute and factor in elements such as rush hour traffic, places to park, potential public transport delays to make sure you have plenty of time to get there.

  4. Be prepared and be open minded

    The first day on the job can really vary depending on the role or company, so get a good night’s sleep and arrive ready for anything! You may be thrown straight in to a work project, or you may spend the day in formal inductions or training, so stay flexible!

  5. Ask questions

    There is often a lot to take in on day one, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. You may be using systems / technologies that are new to you, but don’t be afraid to shout up and ask for help if you need it.

  6. Get settled in

    Introduce yourself to colleagues, bed yourself into your team, try and remember people’s names and if you get an invite to lunch then why not accept it and start making some new work besties!

  7. Starting a Remote Role?

    You can adapt a lot of the points above if so, but a couple of things to make sure of are:

    1. Check what your POA is for your first day such as checking in for an online meeting / onboarding experience.
    2. Ensure you have the right tools and technologies set-up to start.
    3. Get access to internal comms channels e.g. Microsoft Teams /Slack.
    4. Introduce yourself – drop a message round, jump on a call and connect with colleagues via LinkedIn!

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