10 ways to perk up on a Monday!

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Mondays; You either love them or hate them… and from the amount of grumpy cat meme’s I have seen on my news feed today I’m going to assume it is the latter for the majority of you! Getting motivated on a Monday can be difficult for even the most optimistic morning person out there so we sometimes need to find ways to encourage ourselves to get through the first day of the week. Here we round up 10 ways to perk up on a Monday!

  1. Hydrate

As tempting as it may be to drink 5 espressos in the morning for a quick boost of energy it is not always the best way to perk your body up. Caffeine de-hydrates the body which can cause fatigue throughout the day so it is better to hydrate with water rather than drink coffee after coffee! Aim to have a glass of water every hour – your body will thank you for it!


  1. Eat a good breakfast

We can all be guilty of missing breakfast after one too many hits of the snooze button on your Monday morning alarm. Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, and it acts as a great energy boost to start your day. Try and avoid sugary breakfasts and stick to slow release energy foods such as wholemeal toast with eggs and avocado (a personal favourite breakfast of mine!).


  1. Exercise

The right amount of exercise will liven your body up rather than tire it out so why not get up a little earlier and go for a run / attend an early gym class? Depending on where you work you could even squeeze a lunchtime work out in to be ultra productive on your lunch break!


  1. Get a dose of entertainment

Obviously spending long amounts of time on Social Media isn’t the best way to get motivated on a Monday (unless your job is like mine and you have to do so), but take 5 minutes of your time to watch a funny clip on YouTube / Vine. The dose of laughter will perk you up faster than a cappuccino! You can even make this part of your Monday routine and take in turn with colleagues to share a funny clip!


  1. Go for a walk

Many of us neglect our lunch breaks, eating a Tesco meal deal at our desks whilst replying to the weekend’s emails instead of getting out of the office! Try and get out for a walk and some fresh air – even if it is just for 5 minutes! It breaks up the day and gets the blood flowing!


  1. Turn the radio on

Having some quiet background music (as long as it’s nothing too stressful like heavy metal) can help lift your mood and boost productivity in the office!


  1. Crack open a window

Obviously not that easy in the winter months but working in a stuffy office is the easiest way to feel lethargic. Crack open a window or put the office air con on for an instant wake up!


  1. Have a sweet treat

Now sugar isn’t really the answer – but a little of what you fancy can go a long way to lifting your mood! Want to be really good? Stick to a piece of fruit rather than a chocolate bar!


  1. Cold water

Okay so splashing your face with cold water in the office toilets might seem odd but it can really help to wake you up! Don’t want to ruin your make-up? Run your wrists under the cold tap for 5 minutes and it will instantly bring your core temperature down!


  1. Make a Monday plan

Monday’s aren’t just for complaining about being tired and watching Coronation Street! Make an exciting plan like attending a gym class with friends or going out for dinner after work! It’s a great motivator throughout the day!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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