200,000 Green Jobs to be created.

Ed Davy, who is the MP for Kingston & Surbiton and the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has very recently announced that the Energy Bill he has been driving has become law. The Liberal Democrats, as members of the coalition, have been working to increase green energy after what they contend was years of underinvestment in energy by the previous Labour Party government. This underinvestment had left the UK seriously exposed to energy shortages with real threats of a lights out situation.
So what will this bill deliver?
The world’s first low carbon electricity market.
There will be 200,000 green jobs created.
The framework of the bill will create 250,000 jobs in the energy sector by 2020 with 200,000 of those jobs being in renewable energy. These renewable “green” jobs will be right across the country, both onshore and offshore, in wind, biomass, solar and other renewable forms of energy.
With 20% of the UK’s generating capacity, including all but one nuclear station and most of the coal fired stations, due to close over the next 10 years, the already secured £30 billion investment and the £40 billion the new Energy Act will unlock, will meet the impending energy gap.
By 2020 10 million UK homes will be powered by green renewable energy resulting in a reduction in our CO2 emissions of 20 million tons a year which is about equivalent to the emissions from 30% of our motor vehicles. By ramping up this level of green energy consumption we will become less reliant on the importation of gas. Imported gas has been the major driver behind recent UK energy rates rises.

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