A day in the life of a recruiter

A day in the life of a recruiter

Ever wondered what it was like being a recruiter, often ‘piggy in the middle’ between candidates and recruiters, working tirelessly to try and place people into their next job role? We’ve broken down A day in the life of a recruiter into numbers so you can see what it’s really like…

Number of Coffee’s consumed at your desk: 8

Caffeine is a recruiter’s best friend.

Number of cigarettes smoked during stressful lunches and evenings: 10

Not true of everyone of course but you may recognise recruiters quickly smoking a cigarette before lurching back to their desks and batter the job boards!

Minutes commuting to work: 31

Even with the rush hour traffic building up this is often the least stressful part of the day!

Time you get to your desk in the morning: 7.45 (am)

Early bird catches the worm after all!

Time you leave your desk at night: 7.45 (pm)

After 5.30pm is one of the best time to talk to candidates so you’ll often catch recruiters at their desks at this time, and sometimes later!

Number of emails in your inbox: 152

Emails… So many emails…

Number of emails / in mails sent: 71

Why is nobody replying to my emails?

Number of interviews arranged: 3

It may not sound a lot but in a niche recruitment agency like IT where you only send the top calibre candidates to interview then that can translate into 3 deals!

Number of CV’s sent: 5

You’ve got to send the CV’s to get the interviews after all!

Tesco meal deal’s consumed: 1

Quick and easy is the essence for a recruiter’s lunch.

Number of times you hear a Taylor Swift song on the radio: 105

OK maybe a slight exaggeration, but believe me it is on A LOT!

Number of deals done: 1

The best part of the day… Tesco meal deal being a close second.

Tweets sent: 7

With so many passive candidates on twitter you’d be mad not to tweet your job roles!

Number of times you’ve laughed: 16

It’s not all stress!

Number of things you’ve planned to buy / book with next months’ commission: 6

The perks of being a recruiter £££!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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