A Successful Recruitment Process Fuels Successful Growth

A Successful Recruitment Leads to a Bright Future

Successful recruiting is one of the toughest phases to undertake whilst a company is expanding but selecting the right future employees is absolutely essential to maintain current operations and to fuel the next stages of an organisation’s growth. Enhancing the core recruitment process is something many companies never get the time to do – however the benefits are significant.

What are the ultimate goals of a successful recruitment process ?

Put simply, to find, attract, hire, on-board and keep the right person for the job – cost effectively. It’s a somewhat challenging goal in itself, since there are generally many people who are highly talented and proficient who are happy in their current workplace or are not aware of the opportunity itself. The process should work towards delivering the goal – so always keep this top of mind.

How can be know the selected candidate efficient and the right person?

For recruiters and HR this is the million dollar question and truth be told there is no process anywhere that can be foolproof and occasionally an unsuitable person gets hired into a role that they are not suited for. However, typically, this only takes a number of weeks to become apparent. Many organisations do not have mechanisms in place for handling ‘bad hires’ during the initial probation period. Typically, following this period, it’s too late to do much about it.

What are the best ways to only recruit motivated candidates ?

An attractive workplace is where the human resources can be leveraged to the maximum. While working within an attractive workplace the person feels comfortable and satisfied which raises their motivational capacity. An attractive workplace also includes good perks and incentives too – like a subsidised restaurant or canteen.

What is the role of other colleagues in successful recruiting?

If a person who has joined a firms finds his co-workers are happy they will also feel that they are in a good place too. Never under-estimate the power of a good cultural environment. This indeed helps the employee to maximise their levels of job satisfaction and security which is also key for successful recruiting. The company can embrace family meetings and ‘bring your kids to work days’, which enhances the relationships between the company, the employees and their co-workers.

How does the performance appraisal play a key role in successful recruiting?

The performance appraisal has a lot to do with an employees ongoing well being within a company. When an employee is given the credit they deserve, their performance can be boosted or maintained. This reduces the risk of organisational ‘brain drain’ from the company and supports a more productive and successful business.

To conclude, if a company follows these five key criteria for successful recruitment, they will be able to attract and keep the right kind of employees for the right role and duties. In turn, when the company is successful, this can lead to greater opportunities for the employee – a virtuous circle.

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