Are You 007 Enough?

*WARNING may contain puns*

With the announcement of Daniel Craig’s possible step down from the iconic Bond role, the question is looming: Who is brave enough to step up and reclaim the spot light? Craig’s are definitely going to be some pretty big shoes to fill after years of clichés and rehashing he managed to transform the Bond scene and make it his own. When asked recently what advice he would give to the next James Bond, he said: “Go for it. Embrace it…just make sure you’re great.

You’ve got to push yourself as far as you can. It’s worth it, it’s James Bond.” Make sure you’re great? That’s some pretty tough advice Craig.

So who’s it to be? Well, according to the rumours Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Hugh Jackman and Damian Lewis are just some of the names possibly lined up by producers in the hopes to continue the franchise. However, Twitter users have already taken it upon themselves to start plugging out some questionable replacements.

David Cameron
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Erm…I don’t think so.

We can learn a lot from the secret agent when it comes to the employment ‘Spectre-um’ and what we can do when faced with stepping into someone else’s shoes. So what was his secret? Well here’s what we managed to come up with.

He’s extremely smart

Vesper Lynd to James Bond: All right … by the cut of your suit, you went to Oxford or wherever. 

You need to dress to impress. Bond wouldn’t be Bond without his tailored suits or skimpy white speedos, he’s got a ‘golden eye’ for these types of things. Now I’m not suggesting you start splashing your ‘money-penny’ on fancy swimwear for your next big meeting, that would be a ‘royale shame’, but when you dress smart you start to ooze confidence to those around you.

Always one for one-liners

M: You killed a man in Brigenz
Bond: I did my best not to.

Famous for his silver tongue, Bond definitely has a skill for persuasive talking. Anyone can be persuaded with the right tactics so when it comes to your ‘licence to bill’ you might want to bare in mind the 007 charm. Researchers have found that the best tactic when it comes to winning over a client is to use an attraction method by charming them.

Professionalism…to an extent

Vesper Lynd: It doesn’t bother you? Killing all those people?
Bond: Well I wouldn’t be very good at my job if it did.

James Bond is the epitome of professionalism. He always arrives right on time; he’s forever the gentleman and always handles top secret information with the up most discretion. His professional manner is the key to the success of his missions.  So make sure to keep your cool if you need to give off some good first impressions and avoid the ‘jaws’ at work.

He never stops thinking of his feet  

Bond: How much time have I got?
Felix: 30 seconds.
Bond: That doesn’t give us a lot of time, does it?

Typically things tend to not quite go to plan with Bond but somehow he always manages to come out on top. His flexibility and fast-thinking can easily change the outcome of a situation. So try channelling your inner-Bond next time you need a quick fluke at work however, sometimes it doesn’t always work out and you’ve just got to ‘live and let lie’.

Ok I’m all out of puns now but maybe you could think of some ‘Moore’? Beware though, the competition may be quite ‘Pierce’!

Rachael Roberts – Digital Campaign Coordinator, Searchability (Wo-man with the golden pun)

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