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In the vast majority of job vacancies interviews are imperative in the hiring process. In order to prepare oneself, it is necessary to double-check one’s ability to answer and appear confident. Even the simplest, tiniest things can give you a competitive edge over others. How exactly should you dress on the day of the interview? As a rule of thumb, for men: a two-piece suit; for women: a suit and skirt. Keep a balance between being over-dressed and under-dressed. Make sure that your outfit appropriately matches your workspace environment. What should your language be like? Speak formally and professionally, steering clear from excess casual speech. Remember, formal questions prompt formal answers, and casual questions allow casual speech. Keep in mind that your tone should also be professional, since you are talking with professionals. Do not let casual speech carry you away and cause you to omit formality. Make eye contact as much as possible. Should you be courteous? In short, yes. Arriving early is one of the first ways. This punctuality gives a positive outlook when you arrive, as you respect the employer’s busy schedule. Never, ever, be late. Entering the room, it is a good idea to warmly greet and smile at the interviewer. You want to make sure you set the mood right, before anything happens. Another important minor detail is to wait for the interviewer to gesture for you to sit down. In addition, thank the interviewer for their time when you have finished. Just as in an interview, common courtesy goes a long way in the workspace, so it should never be underlooked.

In a nutshell, dress properly, speak properly, and be courteous. Get the interview right the first time and you will soon be on the road to career success.

So what else do you think is essential in giving you a fighting chance of getting your interview off to a good start? Regarding the arriving early advice; not too early as you might catch your potential employer off guard, and needing to entertain you, and it might irritate them right from the start.

Quent Bendele

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