Branding Yourself in a World Driven by Brands



Brands already fill the media and social media landscape in today’s world, figuring out exactly how you fit into this larger brand landscape can often be challenging, if not overwhelming. These questions are meant to help you figure out how to adequately and creatively brand yourself within this landscape.

What creative acts should you perform everyday?

Part of figuring out “your brand” and your placement in a world of brands, is locating the creative acts that you do everyday. Make a list of the everyday creative acts that you perform. Pick the most interesting ones to help create your personal brand.

What should be your personal branding ethics?

One serious inquiry that you need to make when branding is asking yourself what your ethics are. How far will you go? What are the limits of “right” and “wrong” when acting in the world? How do you define “justice?”

What unique life experiences should you bring with your brand?

There are many things that bring people together, but perhaps the most interesting things are those that separate us, that remind us of the unique experiences that we have in the world. Did you grow up in an interesting place? Where you born with a life-altering physical condition? Ask yourself what unique life experiences you’ve had that separate you from the crowd.

This world is driven by brands, but that doesn’t mean that every brand is a successful one. What you need for a successful brand is a sense of what sets you apart from the crowd.

Considering your daily creative acts, your sense of ethics, and your unique life experiences, will help you develop a brand that people with recognize, rather than a brand that melts into the vast landscape.

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