Career going nowhere….change your job.

change your job

Does going to work feel like a punishment? Do you stay at your job just because you cant afford to look for another one? Do you feel like you are building a successful career at your current place of employment? If you wake up in the morning and feel unhappy about going to work; then you might be stuck in a career tar pit. How can I get out of it you may ask…how do you  change your  job ?

Careers can be very difficult to get out of. Sometimes we easily find our way into a job and stay much longer than intended. At some point it can be hard to just leave. If you can identify, maybe you should analyze what’s really going on and look into new opportunities. Step one: Figure out why you dislike your job. It could be a boss, coworkers, or even the atmosphere. Step two: Figure out what you do best at and what you could improve on. We all have strengths and weaknesses, its best to know exactly what they are so you can improve or stick to what you are good at. Step three: Do your homework. Spend a little bit of spare time looking for what is available. Look where the demand for jobs are in your area of expertise. Step four: Be ready for anything. You should have all the resources you can to give yourself the upper hand on other applicants. Use references, social networks, online resources, and know that companies will comb thoroughly through it. Make sure info is accurate and don’t have inappropriate comments, pictures, offensive material, etc that employers might use to “rule you out”. Step five: Don’t be afraid of hearing “no”. Many of the most successful people in life have been told no or rejected many times before even getting an opportunity. Life is full of rejection but what counts are those few “Yeses”.

In conclusion, don’t let life pass you by. If you really are not happy with your job then start thinking about alternatives today. It will never hurt to think about it. It doesn’t take a lot of time to see what is out there for you. Most importantly, you can keep working until you secure something better. So with a little time and effort, the doors to better things can become clear to you.


You work for a long time so if you are not happy in your current job then you owe it to yourself to get a new on, one that suits you better.

Quente Bendele

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