Convincing passive candidates to job switch


passice candidates

Before the advent of social media the identification of passive candidates by employers and recruiters was problematical to say the least as the majority stayed under the radar throughout their working lives relying on word of mouth or referrals for their job advancement.

But today social media has invaded every space and every person and the identification of such candidates has become easier. Recent research by Linkedin reveals that there is a very large passive pool of working candidates who, although not actively seeking new work, would be open to discussions with recruiters.

So how do you convince a passive working candidate to change jobs?

There are three major drivers that could dictate the actions of a passive candidate. The first, strangely enough, is money (compensation and benefits). I say strangely because it was once widely believed that a passive candidate, content in their current job, wasn’t really that interested in money. But they are and it’s the No 1 driving factor.

The second driver is in fact the work/life balance offered by a new company. Although passive candidates are also looking for challenging and rewarding careers they don’t wish to spend their entire life at work but want to be able to spend quality family and friends time together and to follow hobbies and sports. Offering employees a good work/life balance as part of the package is becoming more and more important because of the obvious benefits to both employees and employers.

The third driver is the culture of the new company. To entice a passive candidate to change jobs you have to offer a work environment where they feel their work is appreciated. The company basically has to be a good place to work.

So there you have it. Offer a good salary and benefits, a healthy work life balance and a workplace which appreciates the work people do and is a good place to work and you might be successful in attracting a passive candidate to change jobs.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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