Don’t Get LinkedOut of LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a useful tool, provided you give potential contacts the information they are looking for to decide whether they’re interested in what you have to offer. Failing to do so, or not giving appropriate attention to details, can change your results for the worse.

Whether you haven’t set up your company profile, you avoid LinkedIn groups when you’re not hiring, or avoid keywords because they mean more work for you, it isn’t helping your situation.
After all, what good is a LinkedIn account if you’re giving your contacts, and potential contacts, reason to doubt your sincerity?

Taking the time to get to know your contacts, even when you are not actively trying to fill a position, helps to gain trust and familiarity and potentially increase awareness of your company through the networks your contacts belong to. Even something as simple as taking the time to send status updates to only those contacts that would be interested, instead of spamming them to everyone on your list, can make a major difference in your LinkedIn success.

Use the system to it’s fullest potential, but don’t overuse or abuse it. The people who are looking for employment opportunities will be rating you and your company as much as you are rating them.

The amount of additional effort required to resolve these negative traits is far outweighed by the benefits of paying attention to them.

These basic techniques are easy to do, and ignoring them can easily land your company on the Lemon List at LinkedIn.

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