Easy Habits That Hiring Managers Will Love

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Getting in to the heads of hiring managers can give a great insight into what they are looking for in applicants. The following advice comes from the hiring manager at an innovative firm.

What behaviors are expected by hiring managers?

The easiest way to become the friend of a hiring manager is to simply follow the rules. If it is policy not to submit resumes, it is a good idea to do so. The only way breaking the rules makes an application stand out is that it can not fairly qualify. If you want to seem innovative do so within the confines of the parameters. With this is to try to understand what it is like for the hiring manager and to be polite. Showing proper consideration for the hiring manager and showing courtesy will show that you can easily transition into a collaborative environment.

What specific actions can give my job application a boost?

Simply learning the culture of the company you will be working for can give a huge advantage. If a company puts customer service above everything it will act and think differently than a company that relies on maximizing profit margins. By learning the culture of the company you want to work for you can also quickly provide examples from your work that prove that you are a good fit.

At the end of the interview what should I remember?

The most stressful moment of an interview can come at the end when asked if you have any further questions. The exact content can be difficult to find but what managers are looking for is a thoughtful and curious desire. Applicants that show these qualities win the hearts of interviewers. In addition the final correspondence or a follow up message can help finalise a hire. Using proper etiquette and content are appreciated by any HR manager.

Thanks to helpful hiring managers we can get a closer look at what HR departments are looking for. Through getting in the head of a hiring manager and molding your application accordingly one can easily stand out from other candidates in a competitive market.

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