Embarrassing questions asked during your interview

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A job interview is without doubt one of the most important thing when it comes to getting a job. However, sometimes an interviewer can get a bit too personal when asking questions. They are just trying to get to know you better before hiring you. This is okay if you feel comfortable answering the question, but if something makes you uncomfortable there are simple ways to decline to answer these tricky interview questions.

Types of potentially embarrassing questions and how to deal with them.

An interviewer could ask you about your age, whether you are a citizen or not, if you have children or a criminal record, etc… It is illegal for an interviewer to treat someone differently based on these things. How you answer depends on the type of question you are being asked. Age is a common question. If you don’t mind giving your age then go ahead and do so. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can deal with this question by making a lighthearted joke. Religion is also a question that is often asked. When an interviewer asks this question, what they probably really are interested in is whether your religion will interfere with their work schedule. You can simply answer this question by saying that your beliefs do not interfere with what hours you can work.

Closing points

There are many more questions that an interviewer could ask. The key is being prepared. You should make a list before the interview of all the potentially uncomfortable questions that could be asked. Then take some time to figure out what to say and rehearse it. Remember to add a little comedy but always be polite and appropriate. Crude humor or having a bad attitude will get you nowhere. Follow these simple tips and you should still ace the interview!

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