Finding the IT & BI talent

The IT and BI Recruitment sectors have always been fierce and competitive and the search for that talented candidate to satisfy the client needs is fundamental to the job.
With the current breakneck speed of advancing technology, and the deployment of such technologies by organisations, it requires the employers, and subsequently the recruiters, to identify the talented people to execute their forward thinking strategies and developments. Unfortunately technology and the needs for the right skill-sets is expanding much faster than the schools and collages can supply this talent and forecasts from the McKinsey Global Institute forecast that in a mere four years time this shortfall will be in the region of 40-50% equating to 140-190k positions in the US alone.
It’s not just the education gap that is worrying, it’s also the experience gap and MGI forecast a shortfall of 1.5M staff in those decision making posts.
Then we have the new emerging and future industries where candidate needs will change dramatically over time to populate the new positions in Robotics, 3D, holographic and space technologies, etc.
So in the context of the above you can see why today’s fight for talent will intensify greatly in the future with employers clamouring for the limited pool of trained and experience candidates and the head-hunters job will get immeasurably more difficult with multiple agencies chasing the talent.
Today’s educators are beginning to understand the challenges ahead with IT and BI skills being incorporated more into their courses and curriculums, and there is a groundswell of opinion that demands that analytical skills must be taught from a much earlier age.
One thing we can be certain of is that the IT & BI Recruitment Industries will rise to the challenge and will flourish.


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