Giving Negative Feedback Can Be Positive For Companies


Providing feedback to unsuccessful job candidates can help a company maintain a positive reputation. Many job applicants who apply for employment complain that employers never get back to them to let them know that they have not received the job. However, providing feedback to an unsuccessful applicant even if it is negative can be beneficial to both the candidate and the employer.

Is it fair to the candidate not to get a response from employers?

It is unfair for a candidate not to hear from employers because of all the effort that the candidate has put into getting an interview. Candidates spend tireless hours reading job descriptions, creating resumes, cover letters and getting interview attire. It is only right that they gain closure from an employer if they have not gotten the job.

Why does it benefit a candidate to get feedback from employers?

It is beneficial for a candidate to get feedback from employers so that they know why they did not get the job. The feedback gained can help the candidate make changes to do better on future interviews.

Why don’t employers typically call unsuccessful candidates?

Some employers simply do not consider it a priority to call unsuccessful candidates and their busy schedule may not allow time to get back to every applicant. Some employers do not find it a positive experience. It is great to give someone good news, but no one wants to be the bearer of bad news.

It may not be pleasant for employers to give negative feedback to rejected candidates. It could benefit the companies reputation. People typically are more inclined to tell their friends about a negative experience they have over a positive one. Companies can prevent being bad mouthed by candidates by providing feedback.

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