Good Recruitment Charter

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has promoted and launched a campaign to promote good recruiting practices. The campaign’s working party consisted of a number of national business organisations, plus a number of employers including Santander, Royal Mail and Dixons (DSG) and working together they have recently put together a Good Recruitment Charter. The Good Recruitment Charter extends to, and covers equally, permanent, temporary, part-timers and contract staff.
The Charter covers and describes the nine key identified key principles of recruitment practice.
1. Fairness in promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
2. Good recruitment practice extends to temporary, contract, fixed term, zero hours and part-time candidates.
3. The candidate’s experiences must be of a high standard with good communications and two way feedback on interview experiences.
4. Flexible and adaptive working practices should be observed in order to boost inclusion and to attract talented candidates.
5. All staff involved in the end to end recruitment process, both internal and 3rd party, must work to the recognised standards, keep themselves aware and abreast of new developments by training and continuous improvement.
6. External recruitment providers both sign up to the industry codes of practice and demonstrate a commitment to good practices.
7. The end to end recruitment supply chain delivers good practice throughout including RPO and/or vendor arrangements.
8. Youth employment is addressed by signing up to the REC’s Youth Employment Charter and by working with similarly aligned organisations in providing apprenticeships and traineeships.
9. We strive to review and to continuously improve our processes taking feedback from all our candidates, both successful and unsuccessful and keep up to date with all new sector changes.
A consumer driven approach is fundamental and has the candidate at its heart. With so many IT jobs being oversubscribed the demand on rejection capability must be as good as acceptance capability.
The key issues addressed by this charter are at the heart of responsible recruitment practice.

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