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In 2013 the UK Recruitment Sector had a turnover of £26.5 billion and achieved a 3rd successive year of growth. For 2014 the Recruitment & Employment Confederations Quarter 1 forecast is 7% followed by an 8% increase over Q3 and Q4 and with a 25% growth forecast by 2016. This growth is due to both the UKs gradually improving economic outlook, increasing production and job opportunities, and, to the changing business methods and practices of companies and businesses in this sector.
This high level of growth as not just attributable to the high number of new start-up companies in this sector, but also to the changing strategies/processors of established and mature recruitment companies.
So what are the key ways Recruitment businesses can leverage business advantages?
Invest in boy skills and staff, ensuring that they are the right skills and the right staff.  Expansion is the way forward, ensuring that your management structures, company strategies and access to finance are commensurate with this expansion. Most businesses in the sector are relatively small, so they must focus on their chosen niche and take every opportunity to showcase their business to attract, and meet the needs, of the right customers.
Be innovative. Engage with new technology, embrace the Social Media Revolution, and widen your perspective and get engaged with the wider business community. Get yourself recognized as an expert in your field/niche and communicate your successes to that wider community.


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