How New Online Recruitment Practices Can Get You The Right Person

Best Online Recruiment Practices using social media

Finding a great candidate for your company can be a difficult and time consuming task. How do you find the right balance of experience, skills, and temperament to meet the needs of your organization? The answer might be easier than you think, by utilising new online recruitment practices that let technology vet your potential new employees and ultimately land you the right person for the job.

How can your website or blog be an effective online recruitment tool?

Your website says a lot about your company. Are you fun and playful or serious and spartan? Part of finding the right online ‘fit’ is making sure that the people you hire really do fit your companies culture. Your website is often the first thing potential employees see, but increasingly this is the result of discovering your company first via social media or your blog. You must ensure that your online branding matches your culture as far as possible. This level of honesty and transparency ultimately helps to ensure that you’ll be one step closer to being ‘liked’ and helps to pre-qualify your company in the eyes of a prospective employee.

How can you use social media to find people, with the right skills and experience?

Remember, LinkedIn isn’t the only recruiting tool on the internet. Search for people on Twitter, Google+ communities and even Facebook who are adding meaningful value to serious conversations. Identify niche groups that you can tailor your message to. Make sure the way your company represents itself in their social media presence is well aligned with your companies image, brand and reputation.

How can your web and social media content help to attract the right candidates?

Show the world what your company is interested in. What excites you? What direction are you moving in? Producing high-quality content makes you part of the conversation with people on the cutting edge of your industry. People that search out this sort of content are prime candidates for the positions you will want to hire for.

Best practices for recruiting candidates online can be very simple. First, make sure your website is an accurate representation of the culture of your company. Next, you social media to find niche groups with that are engaging in the areas you are interesting in recruiting in. Finally, produce high-quality content that attracts people on the cutting edge of your industry and engages them in conversation.

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