How to Find a Job in the Technology Industry

In an increasingly competitive job market, securing a position in the technology industry can be both challenging and rewarding. With the UK’s technology sector rapidly growing and evolving, there are more jobs within the technology industry than ever before. In this article, we will explore effective strategies for finding a job in the technology industry in the UK.

Understanding the Technology industry

Knowing where to start can be tough. With lots of start-ups and B corps taking the job market by storm, the jobs are out there but standing out might be more difficult than before. The technology sector includes lots of roles. After a turbulent 2023 marked by job cuts by big tech firms, 2024 could see a more positive outlook for IT professionals in the UK looking for new roles may find there is particular demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud expertise, as well as a need for softer skills around communications and managing teams. Six tech jobs made LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise 2024 list of the top 25 jobs in the UK. that are most in demand.

  • Artificial intelligence engineer (#7 on LinkedIn’s list).
  • Security operations center analyst (#10).
  • Cyber security manager (#11).
  • Cyber security architect (#15).
  • Data governance manager (#16).
  • Data engineer (#25).

Researching trends, emerging technologies, and in demand skills can provide valuable insights into where to focus your efforts.

Identifying Your Strengths

To land a job in the UK tech industry, you’ll need to demonstrate some essential skills and qualifications. Tech companies often want to see a growth mindset and the ability to keep learning and adapting to change. 

Technical skills

Tech companies will expect you to have a proficiency in certain technical skills, like coaching languages systems and software. The specific skills will depend on the job , but for many roles knowledge of languages like Python, Java, C++ and SQL are important to actually do the job in that specific company.

Soft Skills

While technical skills are of course crucial to find your next role in tech, strong communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities are must haves. Tech companies want employees who can understand clients’ needs, explain complex topics clearly and work with other colleagues to solve problems, ADaptability and willingness to learn are key.

Building Your Tech CV

When looking for a job in the UK’s technology sector, your CV is your ticket to landing interviews and job offers. Focus on emphasizing relevant skulls, experience and accomplishments tat will catch the eye of tech recruiters and hiring managers.

Highlight relevant Skills and Experience

You need to feature your relevant experience at the forefront of your CV. List any languages, frameworks or technology that you have expertise in. Don’t forget soft skills are also crucial such as communication, problem-solving and collaboration. Put these in timeline order, with your most recent job first and so on.

Relevant Accomplishment and Achievements

You want to stand out from the crowd. Built a successful app or website? Launched a very successful marketing campaign that generated major results? Saved your company money through a technology solution you implemented? You must feature these on your CV to make it more compelling to the reader.

Searching for Tech Jobs

The UK has a booming technology sector, so there are lots of opportunities for finding an exciting new tech role. The key is knowing where and how to look.

Technology Sector Networking

One of the best ways to find new tech jobs is through networking. Connect with people currently in roles you aspire to join relevant tech meetups and conferences, and tap into your university alumni network. Don’t be afraid to reach out for an informational interview. You never know; that coffee chast could lead to a new job opening or internal referral. 

Online Job Sites

Major sites such as Indeed, CWJobs and Reed are great places to start. Alongside LinkedIn which is the biggest tech professional network site. With companies hosting their company pages they showcase updates, employee posts, benefits and culture and their latest jobs.

Technology Recruiters

Obviously we couldn’t write an article about how to get a job without mentioning us – Searchability! We are a very useful way for you to discover opportunities you may not know about, or may not be publicly advertised. Letting Tech Recruiters at Searchability know what types of roles and companies you are interested in, allows us to be able to make matches and pitch you job opportunities they may be suited for.

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