How to get Motivated on a Monday

How to get Motivated on a MondayIf the dozens of ‘I Hate Monday’ memes I have seen on Social Media this morning are anything to go by, then it seems to me that we are struggling to embrace this day as a positive. OK I’ll admit I love the weekend as much (if not more) than the next person, but it’s time to ditch our negative feelings towards Monday and get ready to attack the working week! Still not convinced? Read these suggestions on How to get Motivated on a Monday!


  1. Get an early night

Tiredness is one of the top reasons for people not wanting to go to work. After a weekend of late nights and lazy Sunday lie-ins our body clock can get out of sync from our usual routines. Go to bed half an hour earlier than you usually would on a Sunday and you should feel (at least a bit) fresher on Monday morning!


  1. Get to work early

That early night should help you spring out of bed easier so use that extra time to get to the office a bit earlier. It will give you time to enjoy some breakfast and / or plan your workload for the day ahead. It should also help you avoid stressing and rushing to get to work on time!


  1. Make lists

If you don’t have a clear schedule in your job then it may be useful to take 5 minutes at the start of the day to make a list of everything you need to do / want to achieve that day. You will gain satisfaction from crossing tasks off the list and it is an excellent way to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten.


  1. De-clutter

Still feeling overwhelmed / stressed by your workload? A tidy desk gives a tidy mind so get clearing your desk and organise your files so you can save time during the day. The same goes for your emails – make specific folders and file emails that are dealt with accordingly to keep your inbox nice and clear.


  1. Don’t get distracted

With our culture of excessive mobile phone and social media use it is no wonder that some of us are easily distracted by our friends. Keep your phone at a distance and don’t get lost on social media during the day. Can’t go cold turkey? Use your lunch break to get your dose of social activity – after a while you will get use to not having it there all the time!


  1. Focus on your Goals

For some of you there will be obvious goals to work towards such as commission or bonuses. Try and think of your targets as something you have to meet rather than a bonus if you meet them. The good news is in most cases you will be rewarded financially – what better way to motivate yourself?


  1. Get positive

Stop treating Monday like your enemy, you will never get motivated if you don’t. Think of the positives: A. It’s a brand new week so a fresh start to make a change in work. B. You have 5 days to achieve your weekly targets – if you excel today it makes the rest of the week easier. C. Getting out of bed is the hard part – once your in work you’re already over the toughest part!


  1. Don’t forget to relax

Getting motivated isn’t all about picking up the pace and smashing your work targets. You need to factor in some relaxation time otherwise you will end up hating your job! Make the most of your lunch break – get out and do something enjoyable rather than staring at your emails all lunch. A short break does your mind the world of good and you will find the afternoon much easier than working solidly from the morning!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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