How To Handle The Telephone Interview

telephone interview tips

How should I really answer all those questions I’m asked on an interview call? In today’s fast life this kind of call can make or break the next step in your career, especially when it’s an interview call from a recruiter you have always dreamed of working with.

Giving a telephone interview is equally as challenging as facing a face-to-face Interview. In most of the cases a telephone interview becomes your only way to impress you recruiter.

We have categorized three important areas for the interviewee to understand:

– What if I do not know the answers to the questions I am asked?

Let’s accept it, none of us knows all the answers. However, we can maximise it by preparation. Always prepare well and try to think all the possible questions that can likely be asked for the job you are applying for. Do research about the company online first.

Keep an eye on newspapers and electronic media for updates on the company. If you don’t know an answer, let the recruiter know that. Don’t pretend to be all-knowing.

– They only asked how fast I can type but not how I throw a ball?

Sometimes recruiters may ask questions which they think are relevant to the job. For example, a typewriter’s job requires how fast one can type. But a job which requires management look for an individual with good people managing skills. Be proactive and let the recruiter know, how good are you at managing people or about your team spirit. If you play sports, try to make an analogy you understand. Tell them how you have motivated your team on the court/field.

– How Can I smile when I am stressed?

Smiling during a telephone interview helps to demonstrate how confident you are. Sometimes a smile can help a lot to hide your nervousness. Be friendly while answering an question or asking for any clarifications. It shows your pro-activeness as well as your positive attitude.

Theoretically, there can be hundreds of do’s and don’ts for any telephone interview, however if you just remain calm, positive and be your natural self a lot of other things will often fall into place and take care of themselves.

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