How to impress your Boss……..Not

Impress your boss

Why you need to impress
Most people who are in a job do try to impress their bosses for a variety of reasons. These reasons can range from attempts to retain their job through to a desire for advancement or promotion. It is perfectly acceptable to attempt to impress, in fact it’s what you should be doing, but beware that there are several ways you might try to do this which will potentially backfire on you and will end up annoying them.
Don’t do these
If you go about your business life quietly, confidently, competently and achieve your goals then your boss and your co-workers will know this so the worst thing you can do is walk about telling everybody what you have done and achieved. Be careful whilst posting to Social Media. You certainly should never be negative about your boss, the company or anybody in the company but at the same time don’t spend time extolling their virtues because nobody, particular the boss, likes a brown noser. It’s also a good idea not to repeat things on social media that your boss or colleagues have said.
When in the company of your boss or other senior management it is natural and quite common to be un-relaxed, tense and nervous.

Work at being relaxed in their company because such tenseness is not conducive to relationships or to work effectiveness. You should also never waste your boss’s time by not doing, as a minimum, simple research into the subject you are enquiring about. This can be very frustrating for a boss and a sure fire way of un-impressing them. Other things and actions you should look out for is being a loner and having little contact with co-workers as it’s not a healthy situation and one your boss is bound to notice.

If this is you then work to build health working relationships. You should also not use email as your choice of general communication within your office if it could be done easier by word of mouth, particularly with your boss.
Lastly always be optimistic with your glass half full as bosses generally are not impressed with negative people who complain about everything. So remember it’s important to impress your boss if you wish to progress your career

Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator

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