Introducing Inbound Recruitment Marketing from Searchability

Since we founded Searchability in 2012 we have always set out to innovate and drive change within the recruitment industry. We were one of the first UK agencies to specialise in sourcing candidates exclusively through social media, we later became one of the only UK recruitment agencies to introduce a dedicated employer brand service (JobHoller) and technology product for our clients, and more recently we have launched our brand-new inbound recruitment marketing solution too. This solution is HubHoller, an exciting collaboration of recruitment and marketing that is already gaining awards recognition with our recent Onrec win for “Technical Innovation”.

So what exactly is inbound recruitment marketing?
Inbound recruitment marketing is a unique way of attracting, engaging and hiring candidates. It helps companies to attract candidates that genuinely love your brand, what you do and resonate with your company culture. It’s a much more effective way to market your opportunities than traditional advertising, and it will save your time, money and sanity too.

Why did we launch HubHoller?
The HubHoller technology and marketing approach has been used by our Searchability consultants for almost two years now, and it has allowed us to successfully back up our hiring efforts and even secure amazing direct applications for some of the hardest to fill technical roles in the industry. We understand how tough it can be to get candidates engaged and excited about your job proposition (especially for companies that aren’t typical “household names” and well-known in the industry), and so we decided to open up HubHoller for our clients to use too!

A HubHoller campaign helps Searchability when finding candidates for our clients because it gives us that “digital shop window” to drive people towards showcasing your unique company culture, relevant content and insights into your employer brand and a full list of benefits for the job in question. On the other hand it can really help our clients because they get visibility of all direct traffic that comes through marketing and advertising, giving full transparency of our recruitment service and also giving them the opportunity to secure a direct hire at no additional cost!

Here are a few things you need to know about HubHoller:

It’s only £1,000 + VAT and it’s totally deductible too
A HubHoller campaign costs just £1,000 + VAT to cover your social advertising, content and job board exposure. Potentially if you like the look of a new candidate who applies directly to your company you can hire them at absolutely no additional cost, alternatively if Searchability end up finding you the candidate then the cost of the HubHoller campaign is deducted from the placement fee! So basically you get the best of both worlds!

The campaigns use intelligent social targeting
We build out unique audience targeting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter based upon the specific job role and location you are hiring within. This allows us to drop content that showcases your employer brand along with branded job adverts into the social news feeds of people who would potentially be a great fit for your company. All adverts click through to your unique careers hub, helping increase your chances of direct application.

You’ll get unique employer brand content that is yours forever
Our JobHoller content team will complete a brief Q&A with you or a member of your team to create a unique blog that highlights everything that makes your company a great place to work. The blogs help to give an insight into your culture, working environment and build overall brand awareness for your company. Once the campaign is over the content is there for you to keep forever, so feel free to upload to your own careers website or LinkedIn!

It’s a 28-day campaign
The campaign runs for a total of 28 days, giving you four weeks of exposure across targeted social media and the job boards. Depending on your hiring requirements this may not be enough time to attract a direct candidate, but it will give you a chance of getting a quick win and most importantly introduce you to employer branding for candidate attraction. If Searchability continue to work on the role after the 28 days is complete then your £1,000 + VAT fee can still be deducted once you confirm the placement!

Your advert will go to some of the top UK job boards
Your job advert will be optimised for the best positioning on the UK job boards, and you’ll get exposure through some of the top sites including sponsored Indeed, Total Jobs, Jobsite, Monster and CW Jobs! This gives you the best chance of securing an application from relevant candidates that are active on the job boards.

It gives you access to a personalised ATS
In order to help you manage any direct candidate applications you will get access to the JobHoller technology which includes tons of great features including an ATS (applicant tracking system) that allows you to easily manage job applications, schedule interviews, collaborate with hiring managers and store feedback. The ATS allows you to totally personalise the candidate journey, using clever automation that guarantees a better candidate experience!

We manage the whole thing for you
The HubHoller campaign is designed to be as stress free as possible for the client! We pull as much content as we can from your website and social profiles to build out your branded hub and use a simple Q&A top gain an insight into your organisation for the blog content. All we need then is an up to date version of the job description and we can do the rest!

It guarantees more brand awareness
A HubHoller campaign will give you on average 80K social media impressions for your content within the 28 days, and as we use intelligent targeting around the candidate persona this means that your brand will be noticed by relevant people for your hiring needs.

It can be technical or not!
While our expertise at Searchability is obviously IT and digital, the HubHoller campaign principles can be applied to any industry or job function! So if you have a role that Searchability wouldn’t normally work we can still get this advertised for you and send you all of the direct candidates who apply! Non-technical roles do not get the advantage of a Searchability placement fee rebate, but non-technical roles can also perform a lot better through advertising, so it is always worth exploring as an option!

Sound interesting?
If you’d like to learn more about how HubHoller can help you meet your recruitment or employer brand objectives then check out the website here or if you’d like to kick start a campaign contact a member of the Searchability team on 01244 567 567 / [email protected].

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