Introducing our Searchability sub-brands

Since our inception in May 2012, Searchability have always looked for innovative ways to turn the recruitment industry on its head. We were one of the first agencies to use social media to both source and attract tech candidates in the UK, which has led to some of the prestigious award wins we have collected over the years. At Searchability we cover the whole recruitment solution for tech digital, and while we have great success placing people for our clients, we found that more and more companies were crying out for that “something extra” to help their long-term recruitment plans. This week we are presenting our Searchability sub-brands – which include a few names you might recognise and some brand-new propositions too, read on to find out more:

Searchability launched JobHoller two years ago after our first recruitment marketing platform “Searchability Ignite” grew into a stand-alone technology piece to help companies build and promote their unique employer brands. From the technology grew the JobHoller agency, and we started to build and run bespoke campaigns on behalf of our clients to help them attract, engage and retain the best talent. JobHoller has won two industry awards, including Best Newcomer at the 2017 Onrec Awards and The Creative Online Marketing Award at the 2018 Onrec Awards, with nominations for the upcoming 2019 awards too! Find out more about JobHoller here.

Gradability started life as our blog resource for IT graduates, and last summer grew into a dedicated graduate hub offering the latest advice for tech graduates, and companies looking to attract the best grads to their organisation too. Gradability has its own job portal just for graduate jobs, up to date student / graduate events and unique incentives to help ease the job hunt for graduates looking to start a career in tech! We were delighted to find out that Gradability gained its own award recognition this year as well, being named as a finalist for the Best Corporate Graduate Site Award at the 2019 Onrec Awards in March. Check out the Gradability site here.

HubHoller is our newest offering in the Searchability armoury, an exciting collaboration of recruitment, marketing and technology exclusive to Searchability clients. If a client has a technical vacancy they need to fill, they can sign up for a HubHoller campaign that delivers targeted inbound recruitment marketing in tandem with the Searchability recruitment solution. The campaign helps drive brand awareness, with content that is relevant to the specific candidate persona they want to attract, giving them a chance to secure a direct hire with the security of knowing that Searchability are actively sourcing candidates at the same time. Find out more about HubHoller here.

Finally we are introducing Hollerings, our brand-new roundup of industry insight, expert advice and informative commentary on Digital & IT, Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing, Graduates and more! We will be delivering our insights to candidates and clients through Hollerings marketing campaigns, but you can check it out here too.

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