Job searching? Be selective with your Job Applications.

Be selective

When applying for a job, it might seem like a good plan to blitz every post on a career website that an applicant is at least minimally qualified for. This is a fallacy. When applying for a job, one must focus on the quality of the job applications, NOT the quantity. Recruiters will easily be able to identify a resume from a “serial applier” because there will be no direct information about the job or the company being applied to; only indirect information.

When applying for a job you must know what you want in the job and where your ambition lies.  Do not settle for a job that will hurt your professional goals in the long term. What may seem to be a good temporary position might hurt the long term goal. Write customised  cover letters that are targeted to the position, and the company, ensuring that you outline directly how you possess or have experience of the requirements of the job posting. When communicating in person or through a cover letter try to relate a story as most employers like hearing stories particularly when you can tie those stories into experiences and can demonstrate how they can help the company. Make the “story” align with company needs and values. If you have needs such as only working while children are at school, then only apply for  jobs that will support this requirement. Do not sacrifice morals as no job is worth that plus it will ensure that you come across as a  quality worker for your future employer.

Make extensive use of Social Media such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, etc,  to help you identify and open up new opportunities. Sometime, reaching out directly can produce positive results. Stay focused and produce a quality and targeted CV and cover letter  when looking for a new job. Do not be a “serial applier”. Rememberthat searching for a new job IS a full time job.

Remember also that you, and nobody else, owns your career. Choose what you want to be. You can take advice from Social Media, Recruitment Agencies, family and friends but at the end of the day its your choice. Be focused, know where you want to get to, and ensure that all those  you take advice off fully understand and have empathy with your goals .

Quent Bendele


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