Leveraging social media in recruitment

The world of recruitment is changing through social media. Twitter and Facebook are examples of social media that are now being used in our day-to-day workplace by most employees. On top of this, social media is a recruitment tool that is now used aggressively everywhere. This type of recruitment can be a huge plus for companies of all sizes, so long as it’s leveraged correctly.

What’s the big deal with social media recruitment anyway?

Social media is the direction our world and work life are moving in. Connecting and collaborating online for job opportunities, work projects, and throughout organisations is at the forefront of most companies. Naturally, recruiting through social media is the logical next step for businesses to find and hire new talent.

How can I attract the candidates I really want via social media?

If you know what you are looking for in a candidate, then the chances are you can find them online. And this doesn’t mean just posting an ad on a large message board and hoping for the best. Via sites like LinkedIn, you can drill down precisely to what your skills and needs are and find the right places to advertise and post. This will help to bring the best candidates your way for hiring.

I have a small company, is social media recruitment the right fit for us?

Social media recruitment can be used by any sized company. The upside for a smaller company is adverting is usually free, and you can reach a much larger audience. You can effectively compete with the big guys and get your brand and requirements in front of many more eyes that you previously could.

Recruitment tools are always evolving so you might as well use the best tools that are out there on the market today. Don’t get stuck in a rut and fail to keep pace with the rate of change. The way individuals present themselves has evolved dramatically. Make sure you stay ahead of the game and correctly leverage social media for your recruitment needs.

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