New domains on the way

For years, the Internet has had a limited number of domain options.

With the explosion of growth in Internet usage from mobile and other devices, these domain options really need to be expanded. In response to this need, ICANN is looking to add up to 1000 brand new domain names later this year.

What was the old domain name system like?

Before the year 2000, the non-country domains were extremely limited to just eight possibilities: “.arpa,” “.com,” “.edu,” “.gov,” “.mil,” “.net,” “.int” and “.org.” Between then and now, a couple of expansions brought the total number of domain names to just 22.

What is ICANN doing to change things?

ICANN has approved an unprecedented number of new domain names (more than 1300) and are busily rolling them out, activating more than 120 names this year alone. Their plan is to bring that new activation total to upwards of 1000 by the year’s end.

Why is this important for you and your online brand?

People and businesses will now be able to be much more specific and descriptive with the domain they associate their sites with. Instead of the generic “.com”, more specific names like “.guru” or “.blog” will be possible. This will you to enhance your personal reputation or brand and also enable the Internet’s web addressing structure to grow. It it thought that this will make domain names even more useful by being more descriptive and relevant.

This is an exciting time, with ICANN recognising the needs of an expanding Internet, and taking action to accommodate those needs. The Internet is set to become a bigger, more relevant and specific place.

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