Practical Job Interview Tips For Success

Job Interview Tips for Great Success

Granted that having just the right degree is important and it doesn’t hurt to have some solid references along with a ‘track record’ in your field and all of the above – but lets cut through both the wheat and the chaff or in Plain English:

Whats wrong and why cant I land the job and in short the heart of the matter is, “why can’t I get this job”, or even make that key job interview work. So let us look at how to make this right for both parties. Here are some practical job interview tips to help you be more successful.

1. Is your CV, resume and documentation right, pertinent and professional?

(Or was it typed by a 9 year old?).

In short you can have the best degrees in the world but if you have gross misspellings, Use dollar store paper and forget to reload your ink jet cartridge your not going to get to first base with any interviewer period, Or put bluntly you may be a brainy guy (Or Gal) yet your typing skills lack so by all means do have your CV or Resume and or ‘Support Materials’ typed by a proper ‘Preparer’ and believe me your Career Councilor with thank you!,.

2. On punctuality – lets keep it real – always arrive on time!

(Being late costs money – so do not let it come out of your own pocket).

Now its an old cliché but a ‘great truth’ that time is Money and it doesn’t benefit you or the interviewer much less your career and granted the Metro can run late and Taxi’s do break down but as a strong rule of thumb it’s always better to be early rather than late. And again the real winner is you and your future paycheck so remember your being paid to get to the job on time and that starts with the interview!.

3. Everybody has a ‘spiel’ but commitment is what gets you the Job.

(Any Boss wants to see what you got, So show him you care).

Again the best Candidate is the individual who shows Commitment, as you are asking some stranger to pick you from a job pool of some 100K strangers to become both a Core Employee plus a valued asset to his Company but his real question is why?

As your first hurdle is to show him you are ‘More’ than just an Employee for you are just the person they need to get the job done and once you convince the interviewer of that the job is yours.

4. Appearance makes the man or women!

( In short, Jeans just don’t cut it in the 21st Century).

This overlooked item is very often a ‘deal breaker’ and ‘yes’ there are still a few people out there who show up in tee shirts, or overalls but to be honest both ‘poor boy’ and casual attire just doesn’t cut it with most interviewers today.

Granted men don’t always have to wear a tie but for heavens sake at least wear a jacket and nice shoes and please go conservative on the after shave. Ladies should just wear simple office attire unless specifically advised otherwise.

With all of the above taken into consideration, just give it your best go and hopefully soon that dream job you have been wanting to land will be yours!

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