Reasons why maybe you didn’t get that job


So you have seen a great job opportunity, your dream job perhaps, and refined and brought up to date your resume, written a targeted covering letter and you get granted an interview. So you attend the interview and think you have given a good account of yourself as you have all the skills and experience asked for but alas a few days later you get a letter informing you that you did not get it.
So why didn’t you get it?
There are a number of reasons why an interviewer has decided you are not a good fit for his company.
The first reason maybe is that you have gone to the interview knowing little or nothing about the company. Knowing nothing about a company shows firstly that you are not really interested in the position and you would be unable to hold a conversation about what interests you in the company or what position you like to progress to once you gain some experience.  So – do your research.
Having a negative attitude might be the reason why.

Many of us do complain about previous jobs and/or say what we don’t want to do without realising it. What we should realise is that hearing this at an interview could end your chances. So identify if this is a failing and fix it.
Maybe although you did answer the questions you didn’t do so in a clear, precise and accurate way. Maybe you waffled a bit or answered half the question, etc. Either way practice answering questions and get a friend to listen to you and test you.
Perhaps the reason was that you don’t follow up promises.

Did you send those documents in they asked for or more importantly did you send your thank you for the interview note in.  Not doing those things demonstrates lack of interest and inability to follow up, such a vital part of business life. So do what you say you’ll do.
Lastly it’s the eye contact, or to be more precise a lack of it. You have to maintain eye contact at least 60-70% of the time with your interviewer because to not do so conveys a whole lot of negativities in the mind of an interviewer ranging between a lack of confidence and downright lying.
So work on the above hints and good luck at your next interview.
Steve Blythe  (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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