Recruiters Aren’t Telling You Everything – 10 Things They Won’t Come Out and Tell You


The job market is getting extremely tough. More and more suitable candidates are battling for the same position as you are. Today, it’s vitally important to make a good impression from the start. Recruiters nowadays have so many applicants, they’ll often write you off for reasons that may not be apparent to you. In fact, you may never get to find out the real reasons why you were not hired.

Why don’t recruiters tell you these things?

Recruiters are inundated with more applicants than ever before. One of the biggest reasons you don’t hear these things is they simply don’t have time to coach people to be better applicants. It’s easier for them to just put you in the ‘no’ pile when you give a bad first impression – than to try and work with you to improve any issues they identify.

What are the 10 things that I am not being told?

-Your clothing at interview is inappropriate: too tight, too revealing, too messy…

-Your physical appearance is wrong: Outdated hairstyle, body odor, other issues…

-You make bad eye contact

-Your handshake is weak

-You talk too much or use inappropriate grammar

-You are overly confident and/or egotistical

-You talk too fast

– You talk too slow

-You act awkward: like giggling, fidgeting or other facial ticks

-You simply come across as an insincere person

So, what can I do about these issues?

One of the biggest things to focus on to fix the above issues is addressing your general attitude. You’ve got to find ways to recognise the problem, and address them by being more relaxed during interviews. Researching a company and prepping for an interview can go a long way to help. So can getting an honest, trustworthy friend to test drive your interview skills.

College can certainly give you an education, but it doesn’t teach you how to get a job. It’s important to recognise your faults and work toward changing the ones that you can.

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