Shellshock. The computer Version of Ebola Is On It’s Way


ShellshockIn the world of computer hackers there are those have risen to the top with their dastardly tactics from behind rerouted IP addresses to reach infamy by attacking both websites and people’s personal information. Experts warn of an impending virus attack that has already been given a name, Shellshock. Much like ‘Heartbleed’, a bug that surfaced in April 14 ,allowing hackers control of websites, Shellshock aims at the core, attacking the user’s system itself and exploiting control of that system.

Few things are worse than having your private data hacked and your financial information used for someone else’s gain. Losing the value of your machine through a direct attack would be devastating, especially for those not computer savvy enough to know how to protect against such attacks or repair attacked machines. While ‘Heartbleed’ did allow hackers to view computers it did not allow control of them. This means the threat of Shellshock is another level higher in technical terms because of it’s capabilities. Even large companies with high security and even some government branches could be left vulnerable if not updated with the proper security measures. If you are wondering what you can do, the best thing is to keep your operating system and security software patched and up to date.

Similar attacks have come in gone in recent years but none are poised to cause the level of havoc that we could see from Shellshock. Since the threat that it poses is not discretionary, Mac OS users are equally as vulnerable as other systems such as windows and linux.


Has anybody any first hand experience of Shellshock and any extra  hints for others?

Quent Bendele



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