Signs you know that autumn has hit your office

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It’s the first day of autumn today (well at least according to that squirrel leaping from behind a pumpkin on the Google homepage) and boy can you tell! I have been clinging onto the hope of an Indian summer, or at least one last weekend without a damning chance of rain to crack out the BBQ but alas it seems too late. There are certain signs that let you know autumn has hit your office including the following:

The hot and cold divide begins to show

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The nation is divided into two types of people: those who feel the cold and those that are hell-bent against you turning the radiators on. Personally I feel the cold like crazy so I have been living in opaque tights since August but you can slowly see members of the team joining me in a slow quest of asking “when can we turn the heating on?”, wearing three jackets and intermittently trying to blow warm air onto their hands to stop the fingers seizing up.

The Christmas countdown begins

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92 days to be precise. That’s over three months of co-workers giving you mild anxiety by proclaiming that not only their Christmas shopping is done they have also wrapped everything and probably peeled their sprouts already. Am I the only one who does all of this on Christmas eve?

You start to get really busy

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Everyone is back from their summer holidays, their kids are back at school and that means everyone has got their business hats back on! Prepare for a busy time and make the most of it before everyone switches off in December!

The colour washes away

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I’m not talking about your summer tan from a week in the Costa del Sol, but as autumn hits everyone starts to crack out their winter wardrobe. Because lets face it, the seasons in the UK aren’t autumn, winter, spring, summer it’s really winter, really cold winter, still winter, pre-winter. There is no more dress down Friday with summer shorts and flip flops! But hey, it’s OK we suit grey and black.

The kitchen gets busier

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Where as you happily wandered into town to buy your usual meal deal at lunch you are suddenly faced with a feeling of dread every time you have to face the weather outside. Cue everyone swarming to the office kitchen battling over who can heat up their Heinz tomato soup first!

You start to take odd days off here and there

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You realise you have three and a half day’s holiday you HAVE to take before Christmas, hello long weekend!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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