Skills Versus Passion in the Workplace

While most employers and experts can agree on what makes a job candidate qualified, many struggle with the importance of intangible qualities.

When looking for a job, what’s more important: the skills that you have built along your journey or a passion and fervour for the type of work you are looking for?

The answer, not surprisingly, is a little bit of both.

On one hand, skills are extremely sought after by employers, and usually demonstrate the level of work that an employee can bring to the table.

An individual that has already developed skills pertinent to a job can then apply those skills and use them to meet goals effectively. On the other hand, having passion for the type of work you are entering helps in other aspects. It has been empirically demonstrated that happier employees work harder and can generate creative ideas effectively. At some point in your life, you will lack the experience or depth for a particular position: this is when passion comes in to play.

While there isn’t an exact formula for what makes the perfect employee, perhaps a mix of relevant skills and a passion for the type of work are two of the main ingredients in that formula. Both passion and skills are important for their own reasons.

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