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There has been much written about the increasing usage, by employers, of the various Social Media platforms in order to screen candidates at various points during the recruitment cycle. There have also been many blogs written warning job seekers to be aware of what information they are allowing to be seen online paying particular attention to their account settings. The simple rule is that if you think the content is a bit inappropriate, or risqué, then ensure you keep your settings as private or don’t put them out there in the first place.

Recent data (Reppler and Lab42) shows that in fact 91% of employers now use Social Media for such purposes with 76% using Facebook, 53% using Twitter and 48% using LinkedIn.

During the recruitment cycle 47% conduct screening after receiving a candidates application, 27% after an initial conversation and 15% after a detailed conversation with 4% leaving it until they are just about to make an offer.

62% of employers say they have actually rejected candidates after looking at their social media content. The reasons given are 11% rejection because of inappropriate photographs, 11% for inappropriate comments, 10% for drug use/talk, 11% for comments about previous employers, 11% for poor communication skills, 10% for discriminatory comments, 13% for qualification lies and 7% for sharing confidential employer information online.

68% of employers are also saying that they have hired somebody after looking at their Social Media. The reasons cited are 39% because of positive personality impressions, and 36% because their qualifications were confirmed, 33% showed good communication skills and 36% showed some creativity, 34% showed good references and 33% for being a well rounded person with 24% for awards and accolades.

So you have all been warned. If you are a job seeker intent on finding employment then ensure you keep your social media content truthful, clean and wholesome otherwise it might come back and bite you.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).




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