The 10 Stages of Payday…

Today is payday – AKA our fave day of the month. If you love payday as much as us you might recognise these 10 stages as told by GIFs…

Waiting to get paid

Sadly payday comes only once a month so you can guarantee that the days (and sometimes weeks) before it arrives can be pretty bleak.

Waking up knowing today’s payday

Getting out of bed on payday is so much better than any other work day.

Checking your banking app

We’ve missed seeing that comma in our bank account!

Thinking about everything you can do with the money

Should I browse ASOS new in? Should I book a holiday? So many options…

Treating yourself to the little things

Yes there is a coffee machine in work, but it’s PAYDAY so you’re getting a Starbucks on the way to work for sure.

Treating yourself to the BIG things

It’s your money and you earned it so why not treat yourself?

Full YOLO hits

Champagne on a Thursday night? Why not!


Probably should’ve put some money into that ISA instead of spending it on things you didn’t need.

The direct debits hit

Oh no… you forgot about those.

Checking the bank balance

*Googles how many days until next payday*


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