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There are little things in life more terrifying than a job interview, except maybe diving with a great white shark and of course the dreaded first date! I like to think of first dates as ‘job interviews with wine’ so it seems only right to see how those nuggets of advice given to people before a first date can help prepare you for the job interview! This dating advice will help you get your next job, so it’s time to take note!

The pre-date texts

First impressions mean everything, so if you want to make sure your prospective other half agrees to meet for a date you need to demonstrate good etiquette, interesting conversation and the right amount of keenness. This totally applies to the application phase of the job hunt! Take the time to perfect your CV / application / cover letter / emails to ensure the spelling and grammar is perfect and you are communicating your best qualities to your prospective employer. As with the pre-date you need to play it cool to an extent, if you appear desperate and continue to press for an interview you may scare them off.

Scope out location

You don’t want to be late for a date so if you are meeting at a place you have never been before you need to check how to get there and ensure you leave with plenty of time. The same applies for a job interview! Most companies will give a candidate a straight no for lateness so it’s vital that you know exactly where you are going and make sure you arrive around 10 minutes early.

Do your research

If anyone says they don’t look at the social media profiles of someone they are about to have a first date with they are lying. We all do it, it’s our natural curiosity, and it can give us an insight into their personality thus feeling a little more prepared to meet them in person. Too much research before a date can come off as ‘stalkery’ however the good news is you cannot do enough research before the job interview! Read up as much as possible on the company website, what their competitors are doing and any social media profiles so you can impress your interviewer and show you have gone the extra mile. Word of advice if you are doing some light ‘research’ before a first date – don’t share the information! Asking someone you have just met how their holiday to Greece in May was will probably send them running for the hills!

Dress the part

It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed so take this view when dressing for a date and a job interview. You want to look smart and professional so take the time to ensure your outfit looks perfect and you have that extra confidence boost!

Don’t be empty handed

I’ve never been bought a bunch of flowers before a date and thought “I wish they hadn’t done that”, so why would you turn up to an interview empty handed? Now I’m not suggesting you bring a bottle of red wine for the interviewer but why not bring along a portfolio of your work or a presentation to show you have made extra effort!

Body language talks

On a first date you want to appear relaxed, confident, open and engaged. Exactly how you need to come across in a job interview with that extra touch of professionalism! Key things to focus on are sit up straight, avoid crossing your arms and legs, maintain a good level of eye contact, smile when you can and try and speak clearly and concisely when asked questions!

Be yourself

You may feel the need to put on a bit of a performance on a first date / job interview but the truth is you need to be yourself! You are there because the other person wanted to meet you so when face to face with your interviewer try not to act too differently. You basically need to be yourself on your best behaviour with the ability to tell the other person why you should get the job!


Sophie Heaton (Digital Campaign Manager)

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