We won the Best Employer Brand Award at the Global Recruiters 2021!

On Thursday 14th October, we headed off to The Global Recruiter awards, a great opportunity to reward and recognise those in the recruitment industry. 

These awards recognised a wide range of categories from Best Innovation to Best Marketing Campaign. We were celebrating each company but also their exceptional work throughout the pandemic. Companies demonstrated how they got through such a tough time whilst finding new ideas and innovative ways to become the best in the business.

We were nominated for and WON Best Employer Brand Award. The recruitment industry needs to attract the best talent to serve its clients. However, the sector does not always enjoy a positive image. This award therefore recognises excellence from a recruitment business in creating an employer brand that doesn’t just attract great recruiters, but goes beyond to enhance the reputation of the sector. 

The Judges were looking for:

  • An insight into not only performance prior to the pandemic, but how you have adapted and worked within the challenging circumstances of Covid-19 since March 2020
  • An accurate portrayal of the company through the brand
  • Effective communication of the brand
  • Overall impact of the campaign and brand for the company and for the wider recruitment industry
  • Examples of brand use

Our mission at Searchability is to transform the way brands recruit tech talent in the UK, Europe and USA, and to do that we look to empower our people to be creative and have their ideas and voices. Our MD Martin always reminds us that “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”, so we make sure that we never stand still and ensure that our employer brand supports this.

We have invested into our employer brand, conducting regular employee engagement surveys, regular appraisal reviews and one-on-one catch ups to listen, learn and improve as a business.

Our value is to “Be Sound” – To be sound is a state of existence. It usually refers to someone who willingly does something positive for somebody else, asked or not, although usually unexpected. Alternatively, “sound” can be used as an adjective to describe a genuine, nice person. This is lived and breathed by every individual at the company, which helps to create a great working environment and drive our culture at Searchability too.

We want our staff to feel valued and have the support to learn and progress in their career, and that is something we champion with our brand. We have a variety of training programmes including: Our internal Searchability Trainee Recruiter Campus, External Training through The Recruitment School and Enabling Change, social media engagement and how to build your personal brand.

Of course fun is also a huge part of our company, and this is backed up by our monthly #FirstFriday experiences which range from Euros football parties, boat discos, Chinese New Year parties and more, to boxing sessions and football trips. We also have an annual trip to Majorca and an on-site games area and bar to give our people space to relax and have fun with colleagues throughout the day.

This brand is communicated through our dedicated “work for us“, which gives candidates a glimpse into our history, an insight into how our core value to “Be Sound” impacts our culture, a look at our monthly #FirstFriday employee experiences, and monthly #ThirdThursday wellbeing days. There is also plenty of information on our training and development programmes, our amazing benefits package and our new flexi-time “Feel Sound Time” scheme too.

Social Media is a big part of our wider marketing strategy, so we use this to showcase our employer brand too sharing content across Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to cater for different candidate audiences. We use the hashtag #SearchabilityLife collates a lot of this content, and naturally through the experiences we deliver, we have also developed a good level of employee advocacy too. These posts shared by our people have led to a number of new hires by increasing the reach of our employer brand, often without even stating that we are hiring.

We want our Searchability brand to encompass candidate attraction, whilst creating a rewarding working environment and that paid off!

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