When Your Company Wants To Hire From Within

 hire from within are you prepared

So, you want a new job or a fresh challenge – but you really don’t want to leave your company? Don’t worry, this happens much more than you think. More and more companies now want to hire from within when looking for fresh ideas and motivated employees. If such an internal opportunity arises in your company, are you prepared?

Are you truly qualified to transition to a new role internally?

It seems like an odd question, but you must consider whether you have the necessary skills to undertake the new role, or is extra support and training available to assist you with the transition? If you are stepping into a management role for the first time, are you truly “management material.” Over the last 12 months have you demonstrated all of your skills (successfully) and are you truly capable of taking on the demands of this new job? These are good questions to ask – if only to help identify the training and development you will need to ensure your internal move is a success. Your employer needs to understand and support you in this.

Is the new job a really good match for you?

Any role change involves, well… change. Of course, this is the reason you’re considering a new role in the first place. Consider how the role will affect your life, both professionally and personally. Will you enjoy the new challenge? How long will this stimulate you for? Consider whether it is truly a good match for you not just right now, but in the medium term.

Is this the last job opening, ever?

Let’s answer this simply and honestly – no – it probably isn’t. So this new job opening is not the last one you will see – so maybe it isn’t the right time for you personally right now. It is of the utmost importance to pace yourself within your career- moving too fast can overwhelm you, and make you feel burnt out with your company.

Ultimately, any internal career transition is two-fold; it must be a great fit for you – and – advantageous for your company. There is a fine balance here and luckily (for all of us) there are always plenty of other chances and opportunities ahead. As humans though, we don’t like missing out on opportunities and having ‘regrets’. So, please consider all of the above carefully.

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