Which Office Dog are you?

Seeing as it’s #NationalDogDay today AND we love any excuse to talk about our four legged friends we decided to see which dog most resembles different personality types in your office. Scroll down to discover which Office Dog you most resemble.



labrador can reuse

One of the most popular dogs, this breed is known for both their friendly and hard working nature. If you are the person in the office that always helps others – such as making them regular cups of tea, picking up on extra admin or helping them with their computer problems, all the while with a huge smile on your face every day then this could be you!



pitbull can reuse (1)

From the outside this breed may look scary, what they are is fearless and courageous. This individual is definitely tenacious when it comes to their job, and they are probably in a sales role! Don’t be fooled by this exterior though, Pitbull’s are very obedient and gentle once you get to know them!


Jack Russell

jack russell can reuse

This dog may be miniature in size but they have bags of energy and are definitely one of the livelier breeds. You probably have at least one ‘Jack Russell’ in your office – if you can’t see them you can probably hear them! Be careful though as Jack Russell’s are commonly known as a handful to train and manage.



poodle can reuse

Possibly the most elegant breed of dog, most people think about poodle’s for their high maintenance appearance and stylish hairdo’s. Don’t write this one off as just a pretty face though! Poodle’s are incredibly clever and are known as one of the more impressive breed’s when it comes to competitive shows. This person always puts an effort into their work attire and is always successful at client pitches.


Basset Hound

basset hound can reuse (1)

While many people find themselves getting stressed in work about the smallest things there is always one cool customer that never bats an eyelid. Enter the Basset Hound. This breed is known for being laid back – lets just hope they’re not so laid back they miss their deadline!



pug can reuse

If there is anything funnier than a pug in a fancy dress costume I haven’t seen it. Pugs are known as the clowns of the canine world, they love to make people happy. You probably have at least one ‘Pug’ in your office  – you’ll recognise them for their constant jokes and hilarious office emails. This breed thrives on human companionship, so they prefer to be in an open office environment.



whippet (1)

Speedy and agile, these dogs are one of the fastest around. This is the person in the office that always hits their target before everyone else and they never miss a deadline!

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