Why You Need an Active Social Media Strategy to Attract Candidates

Why You Need an Active Social Media Strategy to Attract Candidates

As we all know, social media is the lifeblood of any marketing plan, and will continue to dominate as technological developments and the demand for them continue to take over!

However, have you thought how important social networking sites play in the world of recruitment?

Last year there were over 2.46 billion active users… Did you make the most of the opportunity to get your roles in front of them? Just think how many of those were jobseekers!

However, do not fear if you feel behind the times and have little knowledge of how to utilise them to your advantage, as my blog, along with further resources available at your fingers tips will provide you with informative processes to put in place.

Why you need business focused social media accounts

Just have a quick search on Instagram – I guarantee you will come across the most successful brands…. And that is down to the fact they understand the power of these platforms and how they can increase their exposure rate.
Now I understand that not all industries and brands are the same, however, this can also work in the recruitment industry to attract your candidates.

One aspect most people nowadays like about social networking sites is the ability to communicate efficiently, while also building relationships. Now isn’t this what you do on a day to day basis? – And that is where the likes of Facebook can make your life much easier!

How to use them effectively and the benefits of integrating them!

Connect with Jobseekers

As I touched on above, the key function of social media is its ability to connect people. In your role, connecting with and building relationships is a vital day to day task, therefore, here’s how utilising these channels can make your life easier.

Social networking sites are currently the key way of communicating for most. As they are heavily saturated, here is where you can attract, engage and maintain relationships with potential candidates. This type of communication style is preferred by the up and coming talent, therefore, getting your head around it now will provide you with a competitive advantage in the future.

Furthermore, recruitment is all about maintaining relationships, therefore utilising social media channels and keeping your followers up to date will provide you with an effective way to sustain interest.


Research suggests how 58% of people notice online adverts daily, with a staggering 15% following on a weekly basis. As the process can take some time, creating social media campaigns to promote your roles will help you speed up the conversion rate in an efficient way.

Attraction marketing

As it says on the tin, this form of marketing attracts your audience through varies strategies, using keywords and content links. By sharing relatable content, you will increase your organic reach, along with the quality of candidates.

One of the best ways you can increase your attraction is by remaining active, consistent and posting content that will reflect your interests and position in the marketplace. This will ultimately boost your credibility and increase candidates/client’s likelihood of working with you as you’re representing yourself as a pro in your field.

Additionally, they do say that things happen for a reason…. Therefore, by placing your roles online, with the aim to target your ideal candidates, you may shift their perception and speed up their demand for a new role…. They just need that little nugget of inspiration.

Build your brand

Along with the short-term benefits that using social media marketing has, it can also work in your favour long-term. By building on your network, posting consistent high value content and placing yourself in the right place at the right time, you can strengthen your branding.

This will ultimately lead to future business and provide you with a funnel of potential placement opportunities as you move candidates through the decision process.

Now I know it can take a bit of getting used to, especially if you haven’t used social networking sites personally, however, if you’re wanting to remain competitive in the ever-changing industry of recruitment, you need to move with tech trends. Along with increasing exposure levels and attracting potential candidates, maintaining a credible representation of your services online will provide you with an efficient way to confirm future business.

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