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Your Linkedin profile is pivotal to the success or otherwise of your job seeking activity.

A common mistake people make when using Linkedin is that they forget what its all about. Like any tool, learning how to use it properly can make life easier.

One of the biggest mistakes people make on Linkedin is they forget the purpose of why they are using it. Linkedin is for professional networking and in many ways can be seen as a more interactive version of a resume. Thinking of it in a professional stand point do you have friends just added like a social networking site?  The chances are you do, unless you have a professional connection with the people you have added on LinkedIn it may be time to consider cleaning up your contacts and limiting it to professional contacts. Employers need to see that you can keep your personal life out of your private life and that you have professional contacts. Now that that is taken care of lets look at your profile picture. Does it show a competent professional? Employers will look at your Linkedin profile and if they see a picture that doesn’t look like a competent professional they are likely to overlook your application. Make sure you fill everything out, and that its well written and sounds professional. Use as much detail as possible to convey what you would want a potential employer to know about you. If you are employed, and looking for new work, make sure you adjust your privacy settings to prevent anyone who should not know your looking for a new job from finding out until your ready.

Linkedin is a great tool. It can help you find a new job and help keep your references and professional contacts organized. Using Linkedin as an extension of your resume, a virtual copy that lets potential employers see who you are professionally can help you further your career. Remember employers are looking at Linkedin for a better impression of who you are.

Linkedin can be an amazing social media site for recruitment purposes IF used correctly. Getting your linkedin profile looking right can make the difference between success or failure when seeking employment.

Steve Blythe (Recruitment and Social Media Commentator).

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